SILENT in the face of

censorship will

never be an option

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will never

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“Allan dos Santos is the kindest, most generous, and just man I have ever known. The scoundrels in the Senate and the media will never be able to see him for who he truly is. They have to invent him in their own image and likeness.”

Olavo de Carvalho, philosopher and writer.

“The decision against Allan [in Brazil] goes against Article 5 of the Brazilian Federal Constitution (CF) in sections LIII, LIV, and LV. The entire process violates these provisions. It has a clear unconstitutional dimension. The measure practically revokes Allan’s citizenship, as he is outside of Brazil. And this is done without due legal process.”

Ivan Sartori, former President of the São Paulo State Court of Justice.

Freedom of expression is a fundamental right of every human being. Amidst this quest for truth and the exchange of ideas, censorship emerges as a guillotine of freedom of expression. Never remaining silent in the face of censorship is an act of courage and resistance. It is the decision to confront the forces that seek to silence divergent voices, stifle uncomfortable opinions, and restrict access to information.

When we refuse to be silenced, we are defending not only our individual rights but also the rights of all. History is replete with examples of individuals who refused to remain silent in the face of censorship. Religious figures, philosophers, writers, and artists from different eras and places have faced persecution, imprisonment, and even death to protect freedom of expression. These individuals understood that without this freedom, society becomes stagnant, submissive, enslaved, and unable to fully develop.

Censorship is an attempt to control the flow of information and impose a single dominant narrative. However, the diversity of perspectives is essential for human intelligence in all its areas of knowledge, such as the scientific, political, and cultural spheres. To fight against censorship is to defend the plurality of ideas and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to contribute to public discourse. Never remaining silent in the face of censorship requires courage but also sacrifices.

For over 3 years, Allan dos Santos has not seen, hugged, or kissed his children and wife. He is the most persecuted journalist in the world. No journalist who escapes from China, Cuba, or North Korea is prohibited from using social media in the free countries that welcome them. This is not the case for this journalist, who is being cowardly persecuted by Alexandre de Moraes and the socialist Lula da Silva. His social media accounts have been taken down both inside and outside of Brazil.

Will he remain alone? No. And you? Will you remain silent or join your voice to his? Click the button below and become part of the community of the free. Free yourself from slavery today: